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Cernunnos Woods - Tears of the Weeping Willow (1994)

Cernunnos Woods - Tears of the Weeping Willow Cass.EP 1994
The Autumn Moon
2) Horned Is the Hunter
3) Hymns to the Summerlands
4) Return to Infra-Green
5) Song of Duryfyddiaeth

Link removed as obsolete; DAP has re-released the CW demos, see here:
Forest Anthology

And now something quite different. Requested by EcoPagan in his blog where he posted the 1996 album, this is the first recording of the US synth project Cernunnos Woods who played some sort of Celtic ritual/ambient music. I'm pretty lousy with these descriptions. Anyways, this tape features five tracks of quite primitive sounding but still charming ritual/ambient/(at times)folk tunes and was released in very, very limited quanitity by Dark Age Produtions in 1994. That label had several other interesting projects (like Akrabu, Dalkhu Zilittu, Equitant, Profane Grace etc...) whose tapes are also quite hard to find. Need I say I'm looking for them? So let me know if you got any info, ok?

UPDATE: I've removed the download links as obsolete as DAP has re-released the old CW demos on a compilation "Forest Anthology" that comes as cassette, CD and digital download. Head over to their site if interested. There's Akhkharu coming soon too! And perhaps more with time?

This is, once again, a rip of an unknown generation dub I got from one of my tape traders back when winters were colder, summers warm, everything tasted better and cost less. However the quality should be ok, the tape doesn't have bad glitches or anything. The sound quality of the original apparently wasn't too stellar, typical demo level of the era, even though they chose to call this a cassette EP. Obviously I have no covers for it so a pic I found on the 'nets is used. Other than the last tracks silly-sounding samples of Carmina Burana and whatever else there was I find myself enjoying this tape on occasional listens. Not certainly for everyone, but give it a try if you enjoy the 90's atmospheric projects!

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EcoPagan kirjoitti...

Greetings from Ritualistic Nature blog, thanks a lot for share this rarity, i have some records from Profane Grace, probaly soon i will post one of theam on R.N.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Great, looking forward to that!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Wow, this is on a whole other level. The first track was pretty bad-albeit enjoyable so-but the last track was just hilarious. You can't make something this funny by accident: all the planets aligned so that this dork could put out this tape at the right time & place, and now we can all look back on it. This is pure gold unearthed from the deepest reaches, and I think you for sharing it all with us.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, I remember listening to this the first time when I got it from a trader with disbelief, especially when I got to the last track. Killed my interest for related material for a bit if I remember correctly.