maanantai 29. marraskuuta 2010

Irrlicht - Auf einem Thron aus Blut demo 1996

Irrlicht (ger) - Auf einem Thron aus Blut demo II 1996
2) In Zeiten von Stolz und Ehre
3) Für die Seelen einst gefallener Krieger
4) Stürme aus einer ferner Welt
5) Der Hilfeschrei Gottes
6) Auf einem Thron aus Blut
7) Schatten der Einsamkeit (Winter Version '96)
8) Outro


German black metal again, this is the second demo of Irrlicht and also their last. I got this one during my tape trading days and unfortunately no covers and this time the Metal Archives' image is even worse than usual. See the fucking stamp up there. So, if you have a decent (or just about anything bigger than the image used above) scan of the covers I'd appreciate if you let me know!

To the content: Intro, outro and 6 tracks of simple and slightly crude black metal are offered, with whispering vocals and rehearsal sound. I'd say it's just the guitar, drums & vocals and M.A. entry seems to confirm as neither of the two guys here are credited for bass. Song lenghts are in the standard 4 minutes-and-something - territory which given the primitivism and song writing skills presented is enough and at times already too much. I don't know, this should actually work for me on paper but it's missing something to fully connect. But feel free to check it out if you're interested in German underground black metal, enjoy raw black metal etc.

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pagan14 kirjoitti...


Great blog you have here, it's nice to find some obscure underground music!

I wonder if you may have a demo tape by a Finnish band called Tyrant? Apparently it had a member of Moonsorrow and also Shape of Despair.

Thanks for your blog.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hails Pagan14!

And thanks for stopping by. I don't have the Tyrant demo myself but I should be able to get it so stay tuned!

raf666 kirjoitti...

Dirty sound but vocal add vibe to their music. Obscure and raw black metal. Thx!!

ohtar kirjoitti...

I need "Tyrant (Fin) - Demo'98" badly.
Please let me know when you got it.
Thank in advance my lord.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@ohtar & pagan14:

I know a guy who has it as original. However he won't be able to supply me with a dub for quite some time. But patience, I should be able to get it eventually.