maanantai 8. marraskuuta 2010

Goat Serpent - Trident demo 1994

Goat Serpent (fin) - Trident demo 1994
A Trident in Blue
2) Griefblown
3) Lost Servant in Misery
4) Fields of Wrath


We stay with death metal for a while longer, this time we've the only demo of Finland's Goat Serpent which I received (once again) from brother Grev so I'll need to thank him for the dub and cover scan first. Thanks!

Ok, to music: four tracks of Finnish death metal, mostly in midtempo so a little step forward from the death/doom of previous posts one might say. Not a big step though as the tempo is kind of slow midtempo to not very fast midtempo. Well, works for me! The sound is a mixture of elements of Finnish and Swedish early 90's death metal and some keyboards are used. Very little, don't worry. The Swedish influences would be more Entombed than Gothenburg melo-style and I find this preferable. Recommended!

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