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Fullmoon - Rehearsals 95 & 97

Fullmoon - Instrumental Rehearsals 1995 & 1997
The Pagan Mountain
2) Blood for Immortality
3) Luciferian Supreme Darkness
4) Warcrimer (Guitar only)
5) Warcrimer (Guitar only - Different version)
6) Warcrimer


More rehearsal material, this one contributed by another old maniac who has been going through his tape collection, ripping certain items and has kindly donated me a bunch of them. We'll start with the legendary Fullmoon, famous in certain circles and infamous in others. Do not let your political correctness make you shy away from this band, because you'll miss some of the best Polish black metal. This tape contains rehearsal material from 1995 & 1997, some of it probably familiar from other rips but some of the material is exclusive to this. As far as we know, the guitar only versions of Warcrimer haven't been available previously.

The sound differs quite a bit as the tracks were recorded at different times. The first two tracks I presume were the 1995 recordings and unfortunately the sound is concentrated almost fully to the left speaker. Which is kind of ironic. The rest are in better balance. The track 5 seems to run slowed down for part of the duration and there is a small amount of background noise throughout the entire tape, clearest evident during the first two tracks. Other than those issues, the rehearsals have a good sound and the songs are obviously brilliant. It's a shame Fullmoon never made an album. Recommended for collectors of Polish black metal, nsbm-enthusiasts, Fullmoon fans and other maniacs.

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