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Chained And Desperate - Greaving for the Lost Sun demo 1994

Chained And Desperate - Greaving for the Lost Sun demo 1994
Intro: Hopeless / Chained And Desperate
2) Waterfalls
3) Greaving for the Lost Sun
4) The Eternal Darkness of Happiness


More death/doom and a demo I spent quite a long time searching for: the second demo (and I'd say first proper) of Chained And Desperate, whose later material I've already posted in the blog. Notice that this demo is quite different from their later (and current, I presume) material which is pagan metal close to the classic Greek black metal sound, while this one is closer to old Nightfall than Rotting Christ. Earlier this year I finally happened to find a copy of this demo, to my delight and relief since it had been eluding me for about 15 years already and this here is now a rip of that tape, naturally with cover scans. Notice that the image in the post is not the tape cover, but the cover image of the little booklet included. I was merely feeling artsy and inverted the colors and posterised it. Below is the actual cover image for the cassette.

Ok enough of my inane ramblings, is it any good and more notably worth obsessing 15 years for? Well, yes and no: it's a pretty good demo of very Greek-sounding death/doom in its own and certainly a great progression from the preceeding effort but I must honestly say I prefer the material that followed this. But I'm still very happy I managed to find this tape. I'd say the first track and the title track work best for me. Oh yeah, the sound quality is fairly good - the tape is in good shape but the sound of the demo itself is not exactly perfect. But it does well enough and of course the sound has its own charm. Recommended for fans of the band, Greek metal collectors and death/doom listeners who can stomach underground demo sound. Note also that the band has completed the recordings of their 2nd album - I'm certainly curious to hear that!

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