torstai 6. tammikuuta 2011

Asafated - Humanity Landscape demo 1994

Asafated - Humanity Landscape demo I 1994
Humanity Landscape
2) Divine Suffocation


Still more Turkish material, this one familiar from earlier posts. "Humanity Landscape" is the First demo of Asafated and you probably recognize both titles from later releases - "Divine Suffocation" being re-recorded on both the 2nd demo (which itself was re-recorded too, I'll post later that version) and the album. However, the versions present on this demo differ enough to merit a listen if you're into the band at all. I got a dub of this from a trading friend, however he also provided me with the original covers which I scanned & included here.

The sound on the demo is good, not very deep and heavy but clear. Musically this is more in basic death metal vein compared to the doomy feel of the later demo and album. A bit technical at times but not particularily complex, decent enough musicianship and all that. Strange intro to first track. Not as good as the 2nd demo but ok.

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ohtar kirjoitti...

I like the artwork. I am going to play the sound now...
Thank alot man for all the rarities, even from Turkey.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You should check out their 2nd demo which is music-wise much better in my opinion. I'll post the second recording of it soon.