perjantai 14. tammikuuta 2011

Nema - A Step into the Darkness demo 1993

Nema (ger) - A Step Into The Darkness demo 1993
Falling Souls
2) In Dream...
3) Lively Obsequiesies


Deutsche demo Blitzkrieg geht weiter. This is a less-known band featuring Traumatic, who still isn't exactly famous. However, this is one of the tapes I ripped from the stuff J. of Curse provided me with. Unfortunately no proper cover image so we go with M.A. one.

Crude and raw, rehearsal quality slow to mid-tempo black metal. Very good quality rip if I say so myself. Nothing to hoist your flags up for, but worthwhile for German BM collectors. I remember hating this stuff when I first heard it in early 1994, but nowadays I can appreciate its honest and bare in-your-face rehearsal sound. Untight, sloppy musicianship crowns the cake and really enforces the love/hate relationship you will have with this recording. Personally I find certain charm in a lumbering, crude ogre of a demo like this, even if I can't say I'd listen to it with pleasure in a daily basis. You'll know if you want this one or not!

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ohtar kirjoitti...

Bang Till You Bleed!
Thank you so much Velkaarn

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome & hope you enjoy it! I'm looking for the second demo, hopefully I'll find a decent copy of it.