sunnuntai 30. tammikuuta 2011

Darkstyle - Cold Charisma demo 1995

Darkstyle - Cold Charisma demo II 1995
Castle of Sorrow
2) Cold Charisma
3) Through the Secret Fire


Remember I said I would post this when I did the first Darkstyle demo? Well I suppose it's about time I did. This one is a ripped from a traded tape so it's not entirely flawless but I'd say the quality is good. No covers unfortunately so yet another stamp-sized M.A. image (+logo) is used. I obviously would like a scan of the cover, so let me know if you can assist.

As for the music, it's again three tracks and pretty much what I said about the first demo applies here just as well. Except that all three of these were recorded also for the "Black Crystals" MCD. But these being demo versions you'll want them too if you like Darkstyle. That is all for now.

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†† LordOvDarkness †† kirjoitti...

would you like exchange link?

ohtar kirjoitti...

Great release. Yes I remember this band very clearly. I like the sound. Serious metal stuff indeed. Now I'm going to listen to Cold Charisma demo.

ohtar kirjoitti...

Just drop me the link to their other release in asmodiancoven. I might have downloaded it, but want to make sure.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I think you'll like it if you didn't get it already, just click word "first" on the description, it links to the 1993 demo post here!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Sorry, but I'm not linking anymore to blogs that mainly post new albums.