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Funeral Chant - Entrance to Dimensions Unknown demo 1998

Funeral Chant - Entrance to Dimensions Unknown demo 1998
Entrance to Dimensions Unknown
2) Wrath of Artemis


Here's a VERY short demo from the little-known Greek band Funeral Chant and as far as I and the contributors of Metal Archives (from where the less-than-glorious cover image was borrowed) know, it's also their only release. Tape traded item once again.

Ok, so I said it's short. How short? Well, an intro sort of instrumental, keyboard track and one metal track that last together a bit over 7 minutes. However, it's quite good seven plus minutes of music and that makes me wish they'd done more. Atmospheric sort of black metal with Greek touch, some spoken word female vocals and howling main vocal which reminds me a bit of Macabre Omen. Not bad at all, if not exactly legendary material either. Sound is good and dub & rip ok as well, some minor tape wear. Recommended to those who like their bm Hellenic.

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Ossuary Stench kirjoitti...

can you please re upload when you get the chance? been searching everywhere for this demo

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Ossuary Stench:

Gladly, I like this demo quite a lot myself. A pity it's so short!