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Obscurity - Child's Play demo 1994

Obscurity (tur) - Child's Play demo 1994
2) Gipsy Ward 
3) I Hope Not 
4) Boring the Cunt with a Broken Flask 
5) D.I.E. 
6) Cunt (Stamp the Arse) 
7) The Lunatic 
8) Slice 
9) Roasted Human Flesh 
10) Hi Nathalie..!11) Child's Play (Revenge of the Sodomizer)
12) Brain Scratching from Nostril by Corkscrew


More Turkish brutality and Obscurity. Which is the name of this band here, and a host of others. However, this one played goregrind or death/grind, I'm not so good with these genres, and released only this single demo as far as I know. You might wonder at the image up there? Well, M.A. didn't have any sort of image on their entry nor could I find one so I scanned MySpace for a Turkish death metal or grind Obscurity and found this one. The profile was kind of empty otherwise so I just borrowed this and decided it was meant to be the same band. Anyways...
UPDATE: The Archives page was updated with band pic, logo and demo cover which you can see to the right and is included in the reupped folder. However, I kept the top pic because it's cool.

To the content. No less than 12 tracks here but most are very short, a bit less than 2 minutes average. Raw and brutal sounding death/grind but some of the tracks manage to contain quite a bit of groove in them which is nice. I like the sound and the harsh, snarling main vocals. The lyrics are your usual dumb misogynic splatter stuff, with the odd exception (Gipsy Ward). Since they're mostly incomprehensible, I don't let them annoy me too much. I actually kind of like this, so I guess I can recommend it in pretty good conscience. Oh yeah the dub & rip quality are ok too.

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†† LordOvDarkness †† kirjoitti...

Great blog. Would you like exchange link? Infernal Hails!


Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comment!

Your blog looks good, but as it seems to be concentrated just on (new) albums I'm not linking to it. No offense meant.

Dead Void Dreams Webzine kirjoitti...

In case you need the cover of this demo I can send you a scan. Let me know..

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I'd be very pleased if you could do that! You can send it to my email: velkaarn at hotmail dot com

death is near kirjoitti...

Hi Velkaarn, I updated the m-a page of obscurity, added band pic, logo and the cover of the demo: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Obscurity/32082 cheers

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@death is near:

Good job brother! I'll have a look then!