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Flying Dirty Clouds - Dispersing... Nothing Has Mean demo 1994

Flying Dirty Clouds - Dispersing... Nothing Has Mean demo 1994
Maximum Love Has No Meaning
2) The Horn
3) Slave to the System
4) Died by Rotted in Lies
5) Dream of Iceland
6) Dispersing
7) Maternal Deprivation
8) There's Mask on Your Face


One Turkish demo more, this one, like the previous one, is a mixure of death & grind. However, there are some unusual moments that I might dare call atmospheric scattered about, most notably the whole of track 5. Most of the time it's fast-paced death/grind with ok sound and grunting vocals. I received the cover for this one, so it's scanned and enclosed. Lyrical content would appear to be life metal. As is typical for this genre, the tracks are short and the demo lasts just a bit less than ten minutes. I'll keep the post short too, so go ahead and download it. Or don't.

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OldTurkishMetal kirjoitti...

Hi Velkaarn how are you? I found the demo tape from Disembowled and I wanted to share it with you. the band included members from Flying Dirty Clouds, you can check metal-archives page for more infos. here is the demo and let me know what you think of it ;) http://oldturkishmetal.blogspot.com/2012/10/disembowled-emetic-power-of-mouldy.html

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comment and link, I'm drinking right now so I'll need to listen to it later - anyways, thanks for the link!

OldTurkishMetal kirjoitti...

unfortunately the tape isn't a good dub but I did my best using Audacity. hope you like the demo! I also put you in my blog list ;) cheers!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I had a quick look at the blog, you seem to have a couple of items I was after, cool! Added your link to my list.