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Crystal Age - Promo 1994

Crystal Age - Promotion Tape January 1994
Far Beyond Divine Horizons
2) Star Destroyer
3) Retaliations


Technical melodic death metal of the NWOSDM-school isn't really my favourite type of metal, but here's anyway a lesser known band representing the genre and this time actually from Sweden too. Crystal Age released a full-lenght album in 1995 and personnel involved could be found in the line-ups of bands ranging from Ceremonial Oath to Hammerfall. I've received this one from one of my traders so I've no covers except for the image Metal Archives had.

Three songs, which would also appear on the album, probably sounding slightly different. They were recorded in Studio Fredman and have a good sound. The dub has some slight faults but these should not be critical. Music is obviously very melodic and technical, without going overboard but clearly treading the fine line. There's quite a bit of aggression found and their concept appears to be sci-fi related. I suppose I leave it at that. You should know by now if you want to try it.

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Megaborea kirjoitti...

Hi, great posts here as always, one of the best blogs in existence!

Anyway, speaking of old Swedish stuff, I was wondering in you have any of the old Vergelmer demos? I used to have their "In The Dead Of Winter" demo and another rehearsal demo that had some of the same tracks on it. Looking at MA, I see they also had two other demos ("In Darkness Forever" & "The Third Winter") that I never owned. Anyway, my old tapes are long gone, but I remember it as really cold, doomy black metal that was quite good. It seems that later on they released an album of that crappy melo-death that ruined the Swedish scene, but I wasn't paying any attention by then! I was quite surprised to see that this stuff seems to be missing in action on the net, so I figured that you're the best person to ask!

Also, I was checking out that Belthan demo you posted, which is awesome. Aside from Malign, I noticed that some of these guys were also involved in a couple of other obscure projects that each released one demo, namely Werewolf and Superior. Do you happen to have those two? I'm especially keen to hear that Werewolf tape!

Thanks again!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hello again and thanks for your interesting comment! Yes I've understood the Vergelmer demos would be more interesting than the album and I've been looking for them too. With little luck so far I might add. Anyways, be sure I'll keep searching!

I have the Werewolf demo somewhere... I hope I'll find it sooner than later but stay tuned for that one. I think someone mentioned Superior and got me interested in it, but I haven't got that one (yet). Belthan personnel actually got in touch with me, I'm hoping they could find me an original copy of the demo.