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Thromdarr - Winter of Flames demo 1993

Thromdarr - Winter of Flames demo 1993
Northstorm Arrives
2) Path Leads Over the Stone Bridge
3) Forest of the Black Diamonds
4) By Thy Arrows
5) Rainbow in a Red Desert
6) Winter of Flames

Mediafire / Full cover here!

After posting their 1992 debut demo recently I was approached by Mika of Thromdarr who has provided me with the rest of the Thromdarr demonology and insights into the band history, big thank you for that! So now I'm posting the 2nd demo "Winter of Flames" which I had as a very incomplete version before (first three tracks with the third one cut!). Unfortunately he didn't find the cover for this, but if he does I'll upload it, till then we'll make do with the logo.

Alas, this is still not the "perfect version" of the demo - but it's just about the only one at the moment, the last track cuts a little due the inattentiveness of the drummer who was supposed to dub it and apparently couldn't be arsed to dub the track in full on side B. There's also some imperfection at the start of the first (intro) track. This is very brief however. Overall the sound is a bit muffled but clear enough. It comes of a bit strong on the low end in comparison to the guitars, which then serves to enhance the pounding nature of the old schoolish black/death metal they play on this tape. Some synths make brief appearances to spice things up a little bit which is a tasteful way to use them. If you have heard the other demos I posted you should know what to expect as this one was released right between them. Definite standout track is the third track "Forest of the Black Diamonds" which is also the longest at 7+ minutes. For the majority of its duration it hammers on like a freight train without brakes headed towards a victim bound on railway tracks. There's an atmospheric break about four minutes into the song but that is but a brief respite before the doomtrain is again set on motion. Great song, I wish they'd re-record it in the future!

The band still has the original reels of the demos and will hopefully convert them to useful format and possibly unto vinyl/CD format in the future, but for now we'll settle for these versions. I'd recommend this demo if you like the other Thromdarr material, obviously, and it's also a good starting point if you haven't heard any yet but enjoy old 90's Finnish black/death material like Barathrum, Belial, Curse und so weiter.

UPDATE: Mika found & scanned the covers for me! Uploading them to Mediafire and a cut version to decorate the post.

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Vomit of the Earth kirjoitti...

What makes me most curious about this demo is your description of the part being atmospheric about four minutes into the "Forest of the Black Diamonds". Actually I can't get enough of atmosFearic structures and now that you put it that way, seems I am going to face a sort of contradictory situation for what I used to get of Thromdarr is but sheer death-thrash beats less likely to be Blackened and of Doomish atm@. The thing is I enjoy almost all of 90's releases be of any genre.
Keep spreading seeds of bias.


Grev Krüger kirjoitti...

Hey... thanks for this great Demo!

Grev Krüger kirjoitti...

Hey... thanks for this. was looking for it!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome, more Thromdarr coming up (eventually)!