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Impaled Nazarene - Live in Riihimäki 1992

Impaled Nazarene - Live in Urheilutalo, Riihimäki Finland 9th May 1992
1) Goat Perversion
2) (Intermission)
3) The Black Vomit
4) Condemned to Hell
5) The Crucified
6) In the Name of Satan
7) Damnation (Raping the Angels)


I don't think Impaled Nazarene needs much introductions. They've released an album "Road to the Octagon" last November which makes them topical in a way and apparently are in killer form live. This however is the old, still black metal Impaled Nazarene performing in Riihimäki. I'm not sure of the venue but could be Kino Sampo? - UPDATE: Venue verified by Mika of Thromdarr (who also played there) as Urheilutalo. Thanks Mika!

The quality is very good, this was probably originally recorded with a video camera. It appears slightly incomplete as the start of "Goat Perversion" is missing, I don't know if they played anything before that - being as early as this is the gigs were pretty short. 2nd track Intermission is just Luttinen speaking to the crowd & the start of the track screwed up as someone blunders onto their equipment, detaching some of the cords which pisses Luttinen off. Things proceed onward with track 3. Impaled Nazarene are always enterteining live and this is no exception. Recommended.

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darksoul kirjoitti...

This is also in the Live in Finland 1991-1992 tape, see the pic here:

Nice liner notes in the cover..

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

That's a nice bootleg tape, wouldn't mind having a copy of that.

Fun notes!