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Nebiros (col) - Rehearsal 08/1995

Nebiros (Colombia) - Rehearsal August 1995
Misa Negra
2) Reconocimiento, Repudio y Aceptación
3) Nebiros
4) Undressed (Tiamat cover)
5) Fgmenth, Thy Gift (Rotting Christ cover)


It was my birthday, so to sort of celebrate I'll post several things, rejoice. First we have the Colombian black metal cult Nebiros, not to be mixed with Polish/German band, the French one-man band (their split demo is quite good - and I want the rehearsals mentioned on the M.A. page!!!) or the UK black/noise one-man wonder. I'm not going to start debating about which one is the true/best Nebiros since I haven't even heard all of them, let's just concentrate on this one for now.

This is a rehearsal tape I got in my tape trading years and it has a quite good sound, featuring first three tracks familiar from their "Guerreros de Lucifer" album (1995, re-released 2005, buy it) and then two quite interesting covers. I'm assuming the 08 meant August, not 8th rehearsal, but not sure about that. Obviously as it is a rehearsal the sound is raw and primitive but it works well for me and I've heard plenty of demos with less listenable sound. Nebiros' black metal is more of the old school sort, taking occasionally influences from old heavy metal as well as their peers. Mostly mid paced and quite simple, I've always found it very satisfying, but as seen from the pussy review on M.A. not all will agree. Decide for yourselves and check it out. The band has also a more recent album (2008) out and released a 7"EP last year so be sure to check them out too!

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ohtar kirjoitti...

Wondering when those wonder years melted away? Let the laughter lines wrinkle up your face, a bit.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks man. Do you have more bands from colombia?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome, I have some recordings but most are already well available on the internet.