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Barathrum - Live in Kuopio 8.11.1991

Barathrum - Live in Kuopio, Finland 8th November 1991
1) Deep from the Depths
2) Demon Est Deus Inversus
3) Into Maze of Nightmares
4) Black Flames and Blood
5) Gate to Jetblack Desires
6) Winter of the Black Snow
7) Witchmaster

Yandex / Mediafire

I spent the Friday evening attending a gig in Kuopio and yesterday recovering from the trip. Inspired by that I decided to post this live recording, also from Kuopio but a few years back and featuring a different band which should be familiar to the readers of the blog by now. This rip was sent to me already quite a few months ago by comrade Drowned, so thanks to him. Of course no covers exist, the one seen above is again a placeholder by me.

Don't know the venue this was recorded in, I think I remember seeing a poster or flyer for a 1991 Barathrum gig which may or may not have been this one, further info welcome. Anyways, they play for a bit under half an hour and the "Witchmaster" demo in full. The sound is a little bass heavy and slightly chaotic but still listenable. Drowned had applied noise reduction to tackle the hiss but I'm not a fan of this as it tends to mess up the high end. That's not very notable here though. If you haven't heard the Witchmaster demo, or old Barahtrum in general, it's quite doomy and general slow to midtempo black metal and they keep the speeds in check live too. Recommended to Barathrum fans, obviously, as well as any into old school bm or black/doom combo.

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