torstai 23. toukokuuta 2013

Slayer - Live at Monsters of Rock 1992

Slayer - Live at Monsters of Rock, Donington Park UK 22nd August 1992
1) Hell Awaits
2) The Antichrist
3) South of Heaven
4) Silent Scream
5) Dead Skin Mask
6) Seasons in the Abyss
7) War Ensemble
8) Mandatory Suicide
9) Raining Blood
10) Angel of Death

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I'm off to the first festival this summer, Steelfest Open Air, around midday Friday with master Nupponen of Maveth/Cryptborn and to celebrate this merry event I thought I'd finally post this bootleg of another band that should not need introductions. I say finally because I had ripped the tape containing this already back in 2009 but wasn't sure if I'd post it here or not. Decided to go ahead and do it even though there's a bootleg CD (at least one) out containing this. So, here's Slayer, 1992, excellent set, good sound and nothing else really to say. Well, this: in memoriam: Jeff Hanneman 1964 - 2013.

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Rhûn kirjoitti...

Thanks for uploading. Great set.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and it sure is!