torstai 30. toukokuuta 2013

Krigstave - Calling Valkyria demo 1999

Krigstave - Calling Valkyria demo 1999
1) Crom... The Legacy of Steel
2) Wage Krieg
3) Nature's Eternal Fascism

Rusfolder / Yandex

One non-metal item more and another contribution sent earlier this month by brother Wehrwolf, thank you! This is the probably only demo by Krigstav, an industrial project by Rubeus of Pantheon (+ various other projects) and another person, going under the aliases Genocide and Unknown Soldier. I don't know who the other is and which one R was. A cover scan is enclosed.

Ripped from his own tape, this has a good sound though it could be a touch louder. Obviously adjusting the volume will remedy this unless you already listen to everything at maximum volume, in which case you're probably deaf by now and it doesn't matter. Right, to the music, which I suppose would be simple to call NS industrial. Not of the martial sort, this is more akin to death industrial with dark ambient touches and some noisy parts (very few). If you managed to hear the Hagall tape, quite similar to that. Not as low-fi though. There are some vocals, effected and quite distant almost drowning in the background rumble. They get more dominant on the second track where the noise takes more of a backseat until the near ending when it grows in volume and intensity. The third track, which is the shortest of the lot at a bit over 6 minutes, is the most aggressive in its instrumentation. Overall it's a bit on the minimalistic side but not that repetive or monotonous really nor very harsh or noisy, if not "snap your fingers, tap your feet, feel the beat"-catchy feelgood music either. For people into oppressive and somewhat unpleasant industrial soundscapes.

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