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Warloghe - Impurity rehearsal 1997

Warloghe - Impurity rehearsal tape 1997
1) My Kingdom of Space and Time
2) All Hail the Infernal Legions

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Still more black metal. Warloghe from Finland, grim black metal and a rehearsal tape. I was dubbed this by Glaurung in early '97 when I wrote him for their demo. Since they just dubbed these to some people there obviously were no covers and actually it didn't have any sort of title (except the track titles that is) when I got it, don't know if it was actually called "Impurity" rehearsal by the band or if someone just pulled that name out of their asses. Anyways, again I felt like making up a cover for it. I don't know who drew the cute image I used, it just came up while doing a pic search for pile of skulls. Thanks, unknown person!

I know there's at least one rip of this rehearsal around with a screwed up tracklisting (it has both tracks as one long and omits the second title completely) and since I think my rip, after a bit of work, came out pretty good and has correct tracklisting and division I decided to post it here. The sound is quite crisp, cold and dry - it's only guitar, drums and vocals. Can't get much more basic than that I suppose. The main vocal is the somewhat strangled sounding grim snarl familiar from other Warloghe recordings, supported occasionally by what sounds like a semi-clean spoken voice slash hollering that's also gasping for air at the same time or something like that. Wow, stand back people wordsmithing in process. Right... the first, longer track feels a bit drawn-out but the second one is much more active and dynamic. Don't know how full instrumentation (2nd guitar, bass) would change them, probably a bit for the better. Not likely to stimulate every reader but if you've enjoyed the other Warloghe recordings and/or raw and primitive sounding black metal in general you'll check this out.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks as always for the post. Not digging the vocal stylings here...bit cartoon-like for my tastes. The vision of the cover of Elf's self-titled debut LP comes to mind when I hear this vocal. Which is not necessarily a good thing. Your exquisite wordsmithing notwithstanding.

Semi-amusing sidebar: the captcha that came up for me to post this comment was 'Love cultsw'.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ugh, Elf s/t cover coming to mind is not a good thing! I'm not that wild about the vocals either, especially concerning that they are quite a... well if not dominant feature at least stand out very clearly due the sparse instrumentation.

Sometimes the captchas are more entertaining than whatever one is downloading! Next post will probably be "different" again.