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Stormblast #2-3

Stormblast Magazine, double issue 2-3 (1999)
Limbonic Art
Osculum Infame
Whispers in the Shadows
Bifrost/Guido Hammerheart
Damnation Productions
Night Conquers Day
Thor's Hammer
Christophe Szpajdel
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Thorns/Bard Faust - reprint from Rites of Eleusis #2
Darkthrone - reprint from Rites of Eleusis #2
L'amê immortelle
...And Oceans
Tartaros (hol)
Iconoclasm (bel)
Majestic (nor)
Cirith Gorgor
+ articles/bios, reviews, Summoning "Dol Guldur" partial lyrics etc...


I recently promised comrade Kurgan I'd post 'zines. Here we go, this is pretty huge-ass one, the double issue of the Dutch fanzine Stormblast, from the very late 90's when part of the scene got sorta back onto track in several ways from the awful state of late mid-90's. Well not all, obviously. This is a dodgy one as it embraces various pagan (read NS) attitudes and pagan mentalities (often read as almost black metal) while featuring surprisingly open-minded roster of bands and not actually subscribing to anything. It's really a little confusing effort, not helped by the experiments with fonts running amok and whatnot and in my opinion silly reprints of interviews (not with the original lay-out) from much vaunted Rites of Eleusis 'zine whose main merit, if I may offer a cynical opinion, was that it was made by a female in a most... well completely male dominated scene. At least these two interviews are not really much to write home about. They're actually pretty crappy. Funny enough the ones made by the staff range from very good ( a few) to ok (most of the rest).

The articles included are, besides the usual more-or-less expanded bios and silly "humour" (Cradle of Clowns - you might guess what parody) "Art: Folkish or Egocentric?" by Kerry Bolton, "Nature Magick and Being part 4 - Path Between Worlds" by Fraternitas Loki, "The Third Reich Runic Revival (excerpt)" by Garth Kelston, "The Thule Society part 6: Philosphical and Esoteric Roots" by Damian Boydbearn. So plenty of Bælder stuff and other things to make the Germans really uncomfortable. Of course a ton of reviews is included. It's interesting how they appear almost as a NS 'zine but not quite going all the way, I guess the "pagan black metal" thing is what they most went for, except for the odd... well odd, interviews. Interesting read despite the stupid font experiments making a few interviews a pain. And you don't see a yellow cover everyday do you?

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thank you Mr. Velkaarn! Will print this one out for the upcoming Transylvania trip. I am sure it will serve its purpose well.

Looking forward to more verbal obscurity from the 90-ies. Amen.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Have a pleasant trip! Well, I'm hoping to get at least a scan from F and have one more ready myself so at least something is coming.