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Messier - Unreleased Tracks 1997/98

Messier - Unreleased Tracks 1997/98
1) Vaateleivad
2) Seal surm neile kel kõrv
3) Suur valaskala. Katkend

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Here's a little more Messier, you remember them from last month I presume? As before, contributed by Mihkel Kleis, thank you! This recording is 2½ unreleased tracks, he wasn't sure when these were recorded but definitely before the second demo (which was done in autumn 1998) so circa 1997/98 anyways. Obviously no cover for these. Track 2 is familiar from older recordings, here again little different.

These have a decent sound, recorded probably in rehearsal conditions, but so was the material on the first demo too so it's entirely comparable. The recording of the first track sounds a little different so it might be from another session, no idea of the truth. Last track would appear to cut a little, unless it was an actual choice to fade it away like it does. Not much more to add really, if you liked the previous recordings you might enjoy this too.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

I will note again the similarities of this music to American pre-war delta blues. The rough production quality makes it sound even more so, like a Tommy McClennan or Charley Patton 78.

Cool stuff, thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, still got one more Messier item lined up. Yeah, the production would be similar to such recordings, though my experience is more limited.

Lauri kirjoitti...


Here is Lauri from Messier.
Thanks for digitalizing this stuff. Its very warm to hear and remember those times. Actually We did play at least from the year of 1991-93 or so and did record really many times (at least one and half zillion tapes) our singing-fairytale-music events, what mostly were just evenings filled with improvised folkish songs, beer, garlic and bread. We did not pay really much attention for the arrangements, tunings etc. the fun was the word. But of course, when Mihkel Kleis joined in, everything was different, we could almost say, that our music had producement department now.. well. Ok, those were the times! Thanks again.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hello and thanks for dropping by to comment and reminiscence. Mihkel is the one to thank for the digitalizing as he sent me the items, I just uploaded them here. But it's good to read you enjoyed the posts!