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Emglev - Noz-Veil demo 1996

Emglev - Noz-Veil demo 1996
1) An Anaon Katren
2) Tuchen Kador - An Torgenn Eus Kador - Veur
3) An Yeun Ellez
4) Outro - Treizh

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Here is the second and as far as I know last Emglev release. For further information on what, why and how see the previous post. Thanks once again to Lightfox for providing the rips! Like the previous one this didn't have a cover either (or if it did, it wasn't posted by the guy at Psychopathological zine!) so I posted the same landscape from the Menez-Arrez mountains that was used there. Apparently it was very limited, I quote the post there: "This Demo Was Limited To 6 Copies For Intolerant Minds.Concept Based On The Lugubre Atmopsheres Of Menez-Arrez While The Dead Winter."

Music- and soundwise this continues quite directly from where the 1994 demo left off though sounding a little more refined and slightly more multilayered. The first song sounds very much like some late 80's/early 90's ambient that I can't seem to recall right now, you know those synthesizer compilations back from the day? Second one is a bit more active and dungeon synthy while third one falls somewhere between those two. Last one is a shorter outro piece. This release sounds more ambient-bent than dungeon synth to me, I might still include it in the latter category though. Brother Andrew, please offer your opinion! Anyways, good stuff still and recommended to friends of the mentioned music styles.

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Andrew kirjoitti...

Yeah, I agree that it leans a bit more towards ambient than the previous release, however it seems grounded enough to be considered ds, I think. Either way, it's pretty interesting and atmospheric. I appreciate the upload.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I think I found the first tape a little more exciting and it was much easier to label as ds but this one grows on repeat listens too.