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Hastur Evocation - When Bestial Moans Compose a Sweet Symphony demo 1996

Hastur Evocation - When Bestial Moans Compose a Sweet Symphony demo 1996
1) Intro (Angel's Cry)
2) When Bestial Moans Compose a Sweet Symphony
3) Hastur
4) Convict Soul

Yandex / Rusfolder

Another contribution, this time metal. Quite recently I got a bunch of tape rips from a reader who wished to remain anonymous so thank you, you know who you are. This is now the first of them, his rip which I separated into tracks, very good sound and no glitches or tape damage. Includes a scan of the covers too.

Hastur Evocation was an Italian band formed by three young (16 to 18 years at the time) guys and as far as I know released only this one demo. No relation to their slightly better known country mates Hastur. Music here is melodic, atmospheric sort of black/death metal which sounds better than expected! Or am I getting soft? It's not as mellow as you'd might expect and the dual vocal work is also decent (black metal main voice supported by death growls), musicianship ok, sound good and lyrics bearable. Well, the demo title is pretty awful. The track "Hastur", naturally, is Lovecraft inspired in case someone out there tracks down bands/releases/tracks like that. Have a listen for yourself and come back yelling I've lost it.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Yeah, the title is a real WTF moment that jumped out at me before the cover art even registered. Perhaps we can slot that one in the 'English as second language category'.

The music overcomes that issue though. Very accomplished stuff that doesn't go overboard on the symphonic sounds, which this stuff often does.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, the title made me really wary when I got this and quick look at the covers wasn't really convincing either. Fortunately the content is better than I thought!