tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

Pogrom - A Dream of Nightful Silence demo 1995

Pogrom (aus) - A Dream of Nightful Silence demo 1995
1) Intro / The Twilight Groves
2) Everdusk
3) Requiem for the Defiled
4) Shade of Morrow


It's been quiet recently, a little summer break. To make up for it, two posts for today and first another contribution from down under, a rip of the Australian Pogrom's demo sent by brother Wehrwolf. Thank you! Ripped from his tape and including cover scans it has a quite good sound, excluding a minor, brief flaw on the first track proper but that's not a big deal. It sounded very quiet so I upped the volume just a little bit. Almost forgot, Wehrwolf also scanned me an interview from Decompozine which you can see below, thanks again Ww!
Interview from Decompozine

Four tracks and an unnamed intro for over 26 minutes of old style death/doom which is more in the atmospheric and doomy end of the pool. Main voice is a deathly one, growling and rasping over a slightly surprisingly groovy and more like traditional doom oriented music instead of the slow death metal style I was for one reason or another expecting. Works nicely! Clean sound with audible instruments and bouncy bass. Some of the guys later formed the death metal band Innsmouth (recommended) and others another doomy unit Across the Scarlet Moat which I haven't heard yet but assume to carry the torch for Pogrom. Not much to add now, give it a listen if you enjoy doom metal or happen to be a fan of the other bands mentioned.

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