torstai 6. kesäkuuta 2013

Messier - Rõõmurikkuja demo 1998

Messier - Rõõmurikkuja demo 1998
1) Rõõmurikkuja
2) Hani
3) Keskaja kaitseks
4) Vahepala
5) Enne hommikut
6) Hoge jage
7) Kui nad olid...
8) Lõpu lugu

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Ok, time for the last part of the Messier saga, which you might remember from the earlier months and kinda sorta keeping with the semi-mellow direction of the blog recently. This is the second demo, more professional thing than the material posted so far and also kindly contributed by Mihkel, thanks once again! With cover scans.

Like on the first demo, plenty of tracks again but this time around it's a more consistent effort and some of them are quite long at 5+ mins for a total time of over half an hour. Pretty nice demo sound, but still quite lo-fi, worry not. Longer tracks which are a little less adventurous than the things happening on earlier recordings but they still make sure to comb the bushes and backroads of Estonian wilderness and folkscape. Possibly a bit of a dissappointment to the people expecting the wackiness of previous recordings but still not the most easy-listening chewed up ready for consumption folk stuff. If you liked the previous ones check this out too. If you didn't... well quite possibly you won't like this either.

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