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Legenda - Chronicles Chapter I promo 1996

Legenda (fin) - Chronicles Chapter I promo 1996
1) All Flesh Is Grass
2) Kings
3) Wolves Honey Wolves
4) All Love Is Gone
5) Winter Night

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Let's continue a bit longer with the more mellow Finnish metal streak, ok? No? Too bad, I'm doing this anyways. It's quite a natural transition from gothic metal to dark metal don't you agree? Here's the only demo recording, a promo tape, from Finland's Legenda, probably best known as Kimmo Luttinen's band after Impaled Nazarene. He also did Isänmaa in the same year, I recommend checking out the re-release by Primitive Reaction, it shreds various things! Back to this project, this was a two-man unit, the second guy being Mika/Niko (? - used both names, or actually two different guys?) Karppinen from Bloodride (and ex-Maple Cross) who plays the bass while Kimmo handles the rest. Ripped from a dub I unfortunately have no cover this and looks like no-one else has either. If you do, send me scan please.

If you have heard the Legenda debut album you'll know all these songs as they also appear there. Naturally the demo versions sound less polished and have differences in the intro parts, less keyboards and effects etc. A decent demo sound and the dub doesn't seem too much raped, but obviously it sounds muffled, muddled and murky if compared to the album side by side. I guess something more than "it's dark metal" should be said about the music, it's kind of groovy, blackish (I hate that word/term almost as much as promodemo and its variations!) metal, self-described as: A finnish band which plays cold blackish metal with a "rocky" feeling. Basically you could say it's Impaled Nazarene's "Blood Is Thicker..." extended to a band concept. That's a bit unfair as not all the tracks sound that much same but gives you an idea I guess. Some gothic touches are included, but not in the voice department, harsh vocals all the way, which is preferable to sloppy singing plus he does them quite well. It's not bad, there are days when I listen to this and the albums quite contently and then there are days I can't stand them. If you enjoy gothic/melodic/rockin' dark metal I guess you should give this a try.

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GREV kirjoitti...

It's Niko Karppinen who handle bass duties. Thanks anyway for this rip. I already have it, but in c-tape (copy)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yup, I know, but it seems like he used Mika earlier (Maple Cross) and Niko later or was it just two different guys? I should probably edit the post.

GREV kirjoitti...

Well, I must say that I don't know... in the social life I know him as Niko, but maybe he change name in the past?

But, who cares... brilliant musician :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah and the confusing bit is anyways Metal Archives info which always must be viewed with healthy suspicion!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

The Big Rock Moves here have quite the air of importance. As does the title...a bit presumptuous, since the artist kind of has to have a legacy spanning 20 years or so before it can be "chronicled".

The music and self-consciousness taken together make this sound to me as sort of a black metal Rush, if such a thing could exist. I suppose if a vocalist could somehow learn to growl and yelp at the same time, maybe it could happen. Hopefully it won't.

I'm not familiar with their full length, and this doesn't move me to become familiar with it. Not that I dislike melodic dark metal. Just not this melodic dark metal, which is fairly pedestrian to my ear.

GREV kirjoitti...


Yeah! That's true!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Interesting analysis and considering Sir Luttinen the self-consciousness possibly hits home. You might see if someone has uploaded tracks from the album to Youtube or something, they have some interesting bits there and the production is different but as a whole it's too much for one sitting as I noticed while taking a listen the other day. I doubt the album will win you over either so I won't recommend you to look for it, nor the second one.

neblodzin kirjoitti...

With a better songwriting this might make it to the classic section in 90's finnish metal music but sadly it's kinda mediocre now. An interesting listen nevertheless, I've heard of this band but never had the chance to actually hear it. Thanks!

I'll also recommend that Isänmaa rerelease, truely essential stuff if one enjoys 2nd album era ImpNaz.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I agree with you there and definitely encourage everyone to check out the Isänmaa release! I wouldn't have minded if he had made more of that stuff.