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Ancient Drive - Romantic Funeral demo 1998

Ancient Drive - Romantic Funeral demo 1998
1) Mourning Tears
2) Romantic Funeral
3) Death Embrace Her

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I think it's time to post metal again but don't get too excited. Knowing the deep love some of my readers have for gothic metal I just had to post this item now. Here is the first (?) demo by Ancient Drive from Kuopio, best known for later spawning Turmion Kätilöt from its ruins. I know there's at least one rip circulating the internets but I think this might be better, ripped from a CDr on which I had both the 1999 Orgasmic Adores promo and this as bonus. Yes, I'll post that later. No, I don't remember anymore where I got it, could've been from a band member on various drunken adventures back then or could've been from one of my comrades. Sadly I don't have a cover for this as it was burned as bonus on the promo, I don't even know if it was originally released on CDr or tape or both. However, Metal Archives supplied us with a tiny... no smaller, really really tiny cover image that looks like it would be from a CD.

That's all really interesting and exciting but it might be about time to get to the content so here we go: just a bit over 17 minutes of gothic metal, pretty uptempo but heavy enough not to be completely pop/girly listening. Main voice is very typical gothy singing, better than average demo band and doesn't annoy the hell out of me from the start. He does some aggressive growls too which work well enough. The second track has more different tempos than the pretty straight-forward first one yet it doesn't work as well for me while the third one gets all too soft and girly and the vocals also seem to get less appealing by the track. I suppose this still remains better than average gothic metal demo of the era, the first song being my favourite here and the rest not so much. Ok, 1/3 isn't usually better than average I know. Give it a listen if you have even a passing interest in this sort of music. If you don't, listen to it anyways and amuse me with your suffering.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Wow, there's enough genuine metal here to counter the Peter Murphy-esque vocal stylings. I really dig this stuff, curiously.

Reminiscent of the late Mr. Peter Steele and his under-appreciated (in my opinion) Type O Negative.

Cool post. Many thanks.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I thought you'd brave this right away and was actually curious to read your opinion. I also find this much easier to stomach than Let Me Dream, for example. I'm a little hesitant to compare anything to Type O Negative but I guess this almost merits to be mentioned in the same paragraph as master Steele & co.

I'll be posting the 1999 promo pretty soon, I can't right now remember which one I used to think was better. We'll see!