tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

Nachtvorst - Koude wind vanuit het diepe bos demo 1995

Nachtvorst - Koude wind vanuit het diepe bos demo I 1995
1) De duisternis roept... (Inleiding)
2) Nachtvorst
3) Het koude land nabij de hel
4) Het beest breekt zijn ketenen
5) Tegenspoed in het diepe woud
6) Tpeor sinretsiud ed... (Slot)


The second upload of the day is one of my rips and again tape traded item, the first demo of the Dutch black metal band Nachtvorst, not to be confused with a later Rotterdam based band using the same name. This one did two demo tapes in the mid-90's before fading away and featured (former) members of the band Mjöllnir, including the vocalist The Unsane who was also in Bestial Summoning and Malefic Oath, names which should be familiar to people who were into the old Dutch bm scene. Metal Archives labels this as "A joke side project of Mjöllnirr" which seems slightly odd as I think Mjöllnir was already split up by the time they started this and I don't seem to get the joke here either, it really sounds just like another raw and primitive black metal demo. No covers, just a badly cropped image from MA.

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph and as you can probably deduct considering the people involved, this is black metal of the raw and pleasantly neanderthalian sort. Intro, outro and four short tracks of mostly fast and furious black metal that still has some melodies and groove to it, at times it actually has a very punky feel. Rehearsal-like raw but clear sound. Wild screaming vocals and an enthusiastic if not that tight performance by the musicians top the cake. I don't know if this was some sort of joke or unserious project or whatever, I seem to enjoy it. Would like to hear the second demo "Kwade zielen onder de volle maan" too so let me know if you have it. Recommended to people into raw black metal and maybe even punk.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Perhaps the trolls-and-fairies intro and outro bits lead some to believe this is a "joke" project? Sounds like a straight ahead BM exercise of the time, to me.

I think its the sometimes straight-time drumming that lends the punk feel. Which is okay.

I thought nachtvorst was a delightful German sausage. Perhaps this tape pairs well with a niche Kolsch bier.

Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Perhaps, though I've heard much, much worse intros/outros myself. At least the track titles aren't anything unusual for bm, cliche yes but nothing extra out of ordinary. Or maybe those people knew something I didn't!

Did you try it with the beer? I am slowly feeling like a living being again after the weekend (make it 4 days) drinking and festivities yet still not too receptive to beer. Also it is tropical temperatures and moisture in Finland and I'm not adjusting well to that.