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Warvomit - Sadistic Perverted Majesty demo 1997

Warvomit - Sadistic Perverted Majesty demo 1997
1) Intro
2) Conquerors
3) Nuclear Slut
4) The End of Time
5) Lead You to Your Grave
6) Impale the Usurper
7) Our Lust
8) 1000 Faces Of Evil
9) Flight with the Stormwind
10) Krieg
11) Warvomit (Kaos Mix) [Bonus Track]

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Going to divert from my original plans, I decided there has been enough lighter or nicer music for now and it's time to post something raw and dirty. If the band's name is Warvomit, you'd expect them hold their end of the bargain when it comes to raw and dirty, right? Things start up with a familiar intro which could have been cut a little and the first proper track "Conquerors" makes clear this is indeed raw and dirty. A bit messy demo sound and musically somewhere in between punk, black/thrash and war metal in the vein of Blasphemy and company. Generally more midtempo than fast and even slows to doomy pace at times. Untight playing, crude rehearsal-like demo sound and rough vocals, what more can you want? Well, at least the first song is too long and overall this is quite a lot to take at one sitting, intro plus ten tracks at 47+ minutes is too much.

This was ripped from a tape traded dub but it doesn't affect the sound quality much. Unfortunately I didn't have a copy of the covers so I've borrowed another stamp-sized image from Metal Archives. Proper scan would be cool. Recommended for people into bestial metal, punky stuff and rough thrashing madness.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Again I find myself investigating another ridiculously named outfit only because it's here at the Coven. It's better than I expected, maybe because I've been listening to a lot of hardcore lately.

The guitar tone reminds me of early Slayer and Metallica. Which is fine. I think this band does better when they pick up the tempo, which I suits the vocal style better to my ear.

BTW what is a Nuclear Slut? She hangs out with all the guys at the reactor? Perhaps she's the little sister of Black Sabbath's Digital Bitch.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I'm glad you gave them a chance, it's very easy to ignore something based on the band or release name, I myself am often guilty of this. It's a better demo than I make it seem to be, grows on you after more listens, still a bit too long though.

Seems like they had a deal with NEP but spilt up before recording anything. Considering NEP's issues at the time I wonder when the album would have been out had they done it.

All these sluts and bitches are a great mystery to mankind, be they graveyard-, nuclear-, digital-, christian-, psycho- or whatever else! I am somehow fond of the idea of this one doing the reactor workers though.