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Ancient Drive - Orgasmic Adores promo 1999

Ancient Drive - Orgasmic Adores promo 1999
1) Entering... Dark Ecstasy
2) Carnal Perverse
3) Blood-Red Claws
4) Orgasmic Adores

Yandex / RGhost

Without delay let us post the second Ancient Drive recording I have, the promo I was referring to in the previous post. See that one for further background information, I'm not that keen on repeating myself today. Cover scans are included.

Comparing to the previous demo recording (I haven't heard the 1997 demo nor the only full-lenght) the sound is a little thinner, with keyboards more prominent and guitars less emphasized, generally sounding less heavy and... uh, more gothic? It's still more metal than goth rock if you felt threatened by that description. Recorded at Studio Perkele the sound is certainly good, just different from the demo. I'm not really certain which one I prefer, this might be more suitable for the gothic elements. More songs, though the first is an intro, but a bit shorter overall at 14+ minutes. I don't feel like writing right now so I'll just settle this saying it's better than the previous one and listen for yourselves!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Damned, Velkaarn, you´re God … I was searching this for years!
Now as I got it, I´m a little disappointed.
As you said, the Guitars are very thin, Synths are too dominant, the female Voice (track 3+4) is horrible dissonant.
Still I´m very happy to own it, since their full-length (Black Orgies) was one of my Goth-Metal Favorites back then.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and it's good you got to hear it before buying it overpriced on eBay for example. I should probably check out the album as I still haven't heard it!