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Indungeon - Machinegunnery of Doom demo 1996

Indungeon - Machinegunnery of Doom demo 1996
1) In the Ashes of Civilization
2) From Beyond the Stars
3) Desolated Creation
4) Machinegunnery of Doom
5) Die in Fire (Bathory cover)

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I'm supposed to be packing my stuff and getting on a train soon to head off, once again, to Nummirock for Juhannus aka midsummer celebrations but I thought I'd have to quickly post something for you before that. So it's your fault if I forget to pack something. This is the first and only demo of the Swedish death/thrash band Indungeon and shares the name of their debut album which also features all of these tracks but recorded again with probably better sound, don't remember and got no time to check. Ripped from an original tape and includes cover scan.

Five tracks for just under 20 minutes and the last one is a cover of a Bathory oldie, fellow Swedes Nifelheim have also covered the same tune. But that's not relevant info here. If you have heard the album you know what to expect. If not, then I'll just tell you it's death/thrash with some groove and melodies and a dirty blackish voice. The sound of the demo is kind of muddy and has a fair bit of low end. Not the most original or essential thing but if you enjoy thrashing death metal you might want to give them a go. Right I'm out, have a great midsummer!

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks for the post before your departure for the festival...

Straight up heavy metal to my ears here, which I'm down with. These could be Judas Priest outtakes with a substitute vocalist. Check the harmony guitar salvo that opens Track 2 from some classic Downing/Tipton like frettery.

Seems the bassist copped some moves from JJ Burnel of the Stranglers too.

All in all pretty cool stuff if not BM in the strictest sense.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, it was quite quick one and I didn't even forget to pack anything!

Yeah, it is pretty basic metal. It's more the sound and voice that plants it in the DM territory.

Rhûn kirjoitti...

Thanks for uploading. Love the quality Judas Priest-influenced riffs too.