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DAI - The Advent (1993)

DAI - The Advent CD 1993
1) The Advent
2) Squir Akyz
3) Beasts of DAI
4) Celebration of Second Sun
5) Drink Black Water
6) The Temple
7) Guard of Nobody's Land
8) DAI
9) Attack of Black Bears
10) The Monk
11) 443 Statues of DAI
12) Expedition of Screaming Serpents
13) Prophecy of DAI
14) Born of Harpy
15) World War
16) Marhovly
17) Squir Akyz (Alternate version)


Today I've decided to post an album I've been looking for a long time but with very little success as I loathe to pay ridiculous amounts of money, which I could invest in booze and Touhou merchandise, for old CDs. Even if they're obscure Czech releases like this. DAI was a Czech band that started in the late 80's like better known, legendary countrymates Törr, Master's Hammer and Root. Early demos were pretty much first wave black metal but the sound and music evolved quite a bit over the years, much like Root. Finding this online was very hard too for a long time so I eventually decided to rip my cassette dub which was made from CD. Of course shortly afterwards brother raf posted a rip in his blog. I left mine laying unfinished for a while but then I thought I'd get it done since I had already started and the end result was ok. Seeing how little known this band and album are I wanted to upload it here as well.

The album has an intimidating tracklisting but since many of the songs are quite short the total duration is less than 55 minutes. I had somewhere a sheet with the lyrics as well as copies of the covers but I've been unable to locate them. Shame. This is a concept album with a quite bizarre fantasy story if I recall correctly. Musically they blend Czech black metal with southern bm style, death metal and some more progressive solutions. Vocals are mostly in the deathly grunt vein, similar to many Greek bands. I could write more but I really want to stop, get up and go to bar so have a listen for yourselves. Recommended.

Oh yeah, the album has a silly ending.

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