maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

Raven - Alone in the Mist demo 1998

Raven (fin) - Alone in the Mist demo 1998
Calls in the Cold Winternight
2) Shadows Beyond a Stone
3) Joining the Gathering of a New Kingdom
4) Woundheir
5) Alone in the Mist
6) Outro

Yandex / Zippy

Here's something I don't do too often, but since I promised to re-rip this demo to Pete back in October (yeah, not very fast I know!) I thought I'd make a new post of the fixed and hopefully better version of the rip. See the original here for notes and background babble. I didn't include the scan of the note with tracklisting this time, simply because I don't have that scan anymore and didn't want to dig it up again. Instead I had too much time in my hands some time ago and tried to whip up a cover for it, using someone's photo (sorry I forgot whose) that came up googling "in the mist" or whatever search I used back then. Couldn't decide which version to use so I just dumped all four into the folder and used scientific method to choose one here (rolled 4-sided dice). Which looks kind of lame.

Anyways, it's the music we're here for, right? Except for 'zine posts I suppose. Yes, so, what I wrote back then about the music hasn't changed, it's still gloomy and doomy and there's still tape wear but the disturbance is fixed and overall the thing should sound a bit better. If you didn't pick up the old version try this out if you like your music like a thick blanket; heavy and suffocating yet strangely comfortable.

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