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Vague - Ikei demo 2000

Vague - Ikei demo 2000
1) 紫焔 (しえん)
2) This Wisteria
3) A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit


Today I'm posting the third demo of the Japanese solo-project Vague, the sole member of which is Touko, an ex-member of 凶音 (transliterated Magane, have two albums out) and currently playing multiple instruments in 身殺 (Mïsogi) who have released a couple of demos and an album in 2010. He's also released a few demos under his own name 東虎 (Touko, if you already forgot) and Universe Tachyon, neither of which I've heard. Most of these projects deal with Japanese folklore and mysticism, though this one seems more personal on concept. Ripped from an original tape which I got from a distro probably in 2000. By the way, it was really a pain in the ass to dig up correct kanji & hiragana for the first track title!

Three songs, the lenghtiest of which is the Burzum cover, for a little over 22 minutes. The sound is quite unrefined and pretty raw but everything is audible. If you've heard the other projects he's been involved with you might be prepared for this, it's basically black metal but with some odd ingredients thrown in the soup and taking some unexpected turns along the way. I would be curious to hear the other two demos (1999's Lapis-la-zu-li and 2000's One Way Journey to the Moon) so let me know if you have them. Recommended for the curious, the open-minded, the Burzum-obsessed and those who like all things Japanese.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

i gravitate toward artists whose name, record titles and cover don't confirm to the expected, because it's usually a good indicator that the music contained therein will offer something unusual as well. On all those scores this does not disappoint these ears.

The unexpected sonic bits and production techniques--like the fade out/in on track 2--make this pretty interesting. Great fidelity too.

Indeed, let's dig up those other demos shall we? And thanks for taking the time to hunt down the kanji for track 1. You are an artiste.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the comment, thought you might find this interesting. Yes, I'm certainly curious to hear the other demos so keep fingers crossed, maybe I'll find someone who has them in the not too distant future.

I think I'll post something odd from Finland again next.

Little Raven kirjoitti...

Hey Velkaarn, you still have this? Both links look dead to me. Also curious about any other japanese demos you may recommend. No Abigail please.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Chibi Karasu:

Yeah sure and no surprise with the dead links. Rusfolder is shit to begin with and Depositfiles uploads expire if they remain unused long enough. Less than surprisingly this hasn't been one of the most popular items!

As for recommendations, definitely no Abigail, how about Barbatos? :D Kidding aside, definitely EC's recent post of Gnome: - and the other Gnome stuff too. Funeral Rites promo '97 I posted & their other stuff if you can find it. Pretty much all Infernal Necromancy material was re-released on CDs a few years back but it's quite hit-and-miss stuff. Holokaust Winds demo compilation EC posted earlier, don't remember too well if I really liked that one though.

Some more would be Asrafil stuff, Deathlike Silence (both) and... what was it again? Damn it, I never get these things to mind when I'm trying to think them up! Anyways, you should be able to find Asrafil and Deathlike Silences at MetalArea or such, if not let me know and I can upload them for you.

Little Raven kirjoitti...

Gnome is great, in fact I provided EC with that rip haha. Downloading Asrafil and Deathlike Silence (where have I heard that name before?). Thanks for the recs!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Be careful with Deathlike Silence though, there's an awful Finnish band of that name too! Both Japanese versions (was there also one spelled Death Like Silence?) are good.

Oh yeah, refreshed my memory on Holokaust Winds, it's quite good. The whole compilation felt a bit much on one sitting though.