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Sorath - The Darkness Returns CassEP 1995

Sorath (us) - The Darkness Returns cassette EP 1995
1) The Darkness Returns
2) Winter Black and Sorcery Beyond
3) Dark Tears of Thy Past
4) Frozen Mountains Under Forboding Skies
5) Thy Bestial Winterland
6) Wings of Darkness
7) Spirits Floating Beyond

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Satanic Saturday sorcery! Sorath returns, with the very hard to find 1995 tape we discussed with comrade Fenrirsson in the comments for the 7" I posted here. Thanks to my anonymous contributor, this item was unearthed much sooner than I had dared to hope. According to him this was a cassette EP and I think I've seen it referred so elsewhere too so let's go with that description here. Unfortunately no covers and no luck finding them on the inter nets either so I made a placeholder cover using an old flyer printed on Pure Fucking Hell 'zine. It's supposed to be like a cassette cover though I probably have wrong proportions. Let's see how soon people who don't read these walls of text think this is an actual cover. Scan of which I'd naturally appreciate!

Seven tracks might momentarily delude you to think this'd be almost album length, but four of the tracks are short intros/interludes while the three longer tracks all clock over five minutes, bringing total time to an EP-appropriate 22 minutes. Sound and rip quality is ok, if a little muffled. I doubt the original is exactly hifi stuff either. Overall sound manages to come out quite clear, it is the low end that is mostly muddled into sort of nigh-impenetratable wall of audio fog, billowing and fluffy. There's an omni-present hiss which hints at an unknown generation dub origin of the source tape. The vocals are mostly an echoing, whispery half hiss half shriek which at best sounds quite chilling. Some kind of clean choirs are used in few places. I find myself enjoying this and wish I had an original copy of the tape. If you have one, send it to me, you don't need it. Recommended if you're a connoisseur of the good Baron's work.

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Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Fucking hell, finally!!! Really looking forward to listening to this one, with grateful thanks to yourself Velkaarn, and to the contributer!

- F

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, this sure took its sweet time surfacing but in the end it happened surprisingly soon once we put our minds to it. Everyday magick ain't it?