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Ormgård - ////\ (2012)

Ormgård - ////\ Cassette album 2012
1) Séta
2) Rúnir
3) Blót
4) Skáldskapr
5) Galdr
6) Ákalla hin dauðu
7) Óðr
8) Seiðr
9) Sjálfsfórn


I thought I'd do another unusual post in the current activity spree and it is not unusual for being a non-metal release by a black metal band, or for being a cassette album. Being a release from 2012 is what makes this untypical for the Coven but as it is an interesting release and there have been requests for it I decided to rip my tape and post it. Ormgård is a Swedish band, or project, that had released two tapes of raw black metal before this cassette album which is purely dark ambient. Ripped from my original tape and the cover scans are included.

This is a conceptual piece in nine parts (the release title means 9 to those too lazy to google) of ritualistic dark Teutonic ambiance, consisting of voices accompanied by synth and some effects. Also some electric guitar, but mostly keys. It's pretty close to dungeon synth at times as well. Or neofolk, now that it was mentioned in the comments. The moods shift from very somber to soaringly triumphant and vocals range from chanting of the runes (Rúnir) to "clean" singing to shrill shrieks (Galdr). Due the problems with mediafire this post was delayed by several hours, not counting me drinking at the local bar, so I'm at loss whatever else I might have had to say so I just leave this as it is and recommend those of you with interest in Germanic anti cosmic music and creed, or just neofolk and dark ambient, to check this out.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

One could choose to label this ritual, alongside Death In June, Arditi, Rome and that lot. Which is not a bad thing, in these quarters. Quite the departure for the Coven and such turns are always welcome. Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, the neofolk feeling is present as well and is one of the things I did manage to not mention on the main post. I'll blame the delay with mediafire for my scatterbrainedness! The beer and vodka didn't have anything to do with it, obviously.

Wolfson Thick Fog kirjoitti...

Hello friend, I have a problem. I downloaded the file but I only had a song inside and the other was not. You could, if you please, give me another link? I had the same problem with Emglev's demos, you give me another link too? Thank you

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Wolfson Thick Fog:

Hi, just tested the link for this and it worked fine, unpacking the file too. Looks like your download(s) were corrupted. Try downloading the items again, these things sometimes happen. I also recommend opening the .rars with 7-zip, I've found it to be the best program for myself.