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Hierophant's Descent - The Secret Doctrines of Unearthly Delights demo 2012

Hierophant's Descent - The Secret Doctrines of Unearthly Delights demo 2012
1) Abstract Visions of Sordid Blasphemies (Preludium)
2) Ancient Rites to the Catachthonian Entities
3) Shapeless Horror on the Pathless Sand
4) Abominable Echoes of Vile Mysteriis
5) The Final Descent in Dismal Abysses (Exodium)

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One more un-Covenlike post, though this one is unfitting only if you look at the release year. Hierophant's Descent come from Hellas, have recorded a 2011 promo tape, this demo and an EP recently released on Under the Sign of Garazel and sound like early 90's Greek black/death metal. You know, old Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia, Lemegethon, Thou Art Lord and so on. I'm also reminded of the Godblood demo on the third track here. The sound is rehearsal-like and manages to be both murky and clear at the same time? Probably somewhere between "Passage to Arcturo" (just listen to the synths!) and "The Cult of the Horned One" would be close. Three "actual" tracks plus an intro and outro for a bit over twenty minutes, the middle three tracks all run over five minutes but are rather slow paced in both build and speed. Most of the time anyways, all have their fast parts too. Quite atmospheric yet brutal and overall a tasteful enough pastiche of ancient Hellenic style and sound. The MCD sounds more refined but is even more direct old RC rip-o... worship. Haven't heard the promo tape, would like to.

Not ripped from an original tape, unfortunately, but from a dub I got from brother Goatprayer, thank you and I believe his copy was an original. He included a copy of the covers which I've scanned and included in the download. I think I need to get an original of this. Anyways, recommeded for people into old school Hellas sound and not afraid of rehearsal sounds.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Got me right from the off: I'm a sucker for spoken word stuff. Especially cheesy spoken word stuff. The rest of the tape sounds like the band never decided what tempo each track should be in before they started playing it. Mega.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, the intro is great, brings Necromantia to mind. The tempos are quite baffling at times and sound a little erratic. I recommend taking a listen to the MCD too if you come across it. More refined in a certain way, though.