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Erevos - Shadows of Storming Nyx demo 1996

Erevos - Shadows of Storming Nyx demo II 1996
1) Swords in Flames...
Part I - Black Shadows of the Endless Skies
Part II - ... In an Aeonic Circle of Death
Part III - The Final Battle Begins... The Sign Come...
2) Nyx Amolgos (to be continued)


Almost two years ago I posted the 1994 promo of the other and in my opinion more interesting Greek Erevos and finally, not too long ago, a contributor sent me his rip of the second tape. Thank you, you know who you are! A photo of the cover was also included, see above. Sadly it looks like there is no other material from this project to dig up, Metal Archives contributors had managed to ignore the title of this tape and got my hopes up of there being three releases. Well, at least this chapter is complete now.

This recording is divided (very unevenly I might add) into two tracks, of which the first one is a huge mammoth of three parts and over 21 minutes while the second is a quickie at less than two minutes and is more like a preview of things to come or something. Too bad it wasn't continued. As far as I know that is. I contemplated if I should divide the epic "Swords in Flames..." into parts but as there were no clear breaks where to split it I decided to keep it in one piece. I'm not going to spend more time describing the music as it really is more of the same so just check what I wrote last time or better yet listen for yourselves. Recommended.

I still would like original copies of both these tapes so let me know if you want to sell or trade 'em away. In reasonable prices that is.

UPDATE: I got this one, but still want the first one. See here for an updated version!

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