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Holocaust - Our Kingdom demo 1997

Holocaust (pol) - Our Kingdom demo IV 1997
1) Witch / Intro    
2) Kingdom    
3) Wizard
4) The Gate Among the Stars
5) The Final Battle / The Return of Tyrant
6) Storm


UPDATE! I got a better rip of this which you can find here.

Back to the 90's and the murky dungeons of Poland, here's the (I think) fourth demo of the black metal band Holocaust which was a much fancier affair than the earlier tapes, being more or less professionally released by Drakkar. Or that's what I gather looking at the image provided by Metal Archives, my copy is a dub I got from comrade Triv already a while ago (thanks, Triv!) and unfortunately I haven't found decent scans of the covers. Assistance required there again.

To content, this is almost half an hour recording with the first and last tracks being intro and outro, both rather long and the tracks proper each clock between 4:05 and 5:48. The sound is very stripped down but clean enough. Odd guitar sound is somewhere between Veles' "Black Hateful Metal", Graveland's "Following..." and Countess' first album. Or was it the second? Percussion and vocals are the most noticeable and dominant elements. The main voice is an almost hysteric shriek which also brings Countess to mind and percussion is just barely on board. Some clean-ish singing vocals are used, fortunately briefly and they're not that bad in such small dose. There's a folkish feel to the demo, partially due the guitar almost sounding like a Jew's harp. Tempo is mostly in the mid range, from the more leisurely first proper track to the almost urgent parts of "Wizard" which does have slower parts too. I had something more in mind but now I need to get into kitchen and rescue my food from the oven so I'll just leave you to listen to this. Recommended for collectors of Polish demonology, people into odd guitar sounds and sloppy drumming and to whoever it was who requested this band's material in the first place!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Not Veles or Graveland but MYSTERIES aura!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yeah, you're right the aura is closer to Mysteries but I still think guitar sounds a lot like Veles/Graveland on those albums. Both of which I really like.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Late to the party here and hating the Muppet like vocals. Pretty amateurish stuff all the way around. But hey it takes all sorts. So thanks.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


The vocals are... distinct. I have more, an old rehearsal tape to be more precise. Wait till you hear that one!

kingpossum kirjoitti...


Oh joy. Well, I'm cutting the guy a little slack for the, um, distinct vocal technique because I found cool picture of him that's made to look all antiquated and grainy. So that counts for something.