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Horna - Live in Riihimäki 20-12-97

Horna - Live in Riihimäki, Finland 20th December 1997
1) Kun lyömme jumalan kodin liekkeihin
2) Tappakaa Kristus!
3) Örkkivuorilta
4) Hiidentorni huokui usvansa
5) Imperial Devastation
6) Ikuisesti, kalpeina kuoleman muistoina

RGhost / Zippy

I haven't been attending the festivals very much this summer, only Steelfest so far. To remedy my lack of live music experiences recently I thought I'd post a crappy old live bootleg passed down countless tape trader hands and decks. This is Horna, should be familiar name to most, performing late 1997 in Riihimäki and I'm not sure of the venue, the trader who dubbed me this live had scribbled something which I could not decipher with certainity so I decided to skip that bit. Of course this had no cover, I just raped the Riihimäki coat-of-arms for no good reason at all.

You might've noticed I said something about "crappy" live? Oh yes, for this has possibly the worst sound quality of whatever rehearsal tapes or bootlegs I've posted here! It's absolutely awful, the instruments are smothered somewhere down in fluffy billowing murk that only lets through a whisper of guitars and a vague, distant rumble of percussion and an obnoxious amount of vocals which sound like they had been turned to eleven while everything else was set to one and then run into a metal canister that was set against the door to the room where the microphone is. Ok, it gets slightly more audible around "Örkkivuorilta" and afterwards, but calling the sound decent at any point is still out of the question. Kind of a shame as the setlist is pretty interesting, featuring "Imperial Devastation" which I don't think has been played that often. Of course considering how many songs they've recorded that's something that could be said about three quarters of them. Anyways, if you're really, really into old Horna I suggest giving it a go and if it feels overwhelming jump a few tracks ahead and see if you can stomach the sound better there. Various perverts, fetishists and assorted audio deviants will also appreciate the challenging experience.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Awesome. We get to relive the bit about those late night B/W vampire movies that we discussed a short time ago. It seems there's a BM concert of some sort going on, perhaps in the bowels of that ghost ship stranded out there in the cove, not sure because we can't quite make it out through the blowing gale.

Not sure if my appreciation qualifies me as a pervert, fetishist, audio deviant or all three, but no mind. Great fun. Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and thanks for the ghost ship images. Personally, I'd like to think of audio deviant sounding most flattering of the terms so why not claim that?

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Indeed. Audio deviant it is.