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Apeiron - Stardust demo 1997 [incorrect]

Apeiron - Stardust demo III 1997
1) Stardust

Removed, tracklisting was wrong
Reposted here

Sunday evening chill out zone and time to resume my project of uploading Stefan "Dreamlord" Traunmüller's back catalogue. Of demo tapes, that is. Here is the third and I think final Apeiron tape, yet again acquired in conspiracy with brother Grev and his anonymous ally who provided the rip. Thank you, gentlemen. I've picked up the cover image from Discogs, full scans as usual requested.

Like you see from above, this demo consists of only single track that lasts almost 23 minutes. The description "cosmic light ambient" written on the Discogs page is fitting enough, this is quite tranquil and otherworldly stuff, not that dark either. Comparisons to Neptune Towers seem justified. The first part of the demo is the more passive build up stage, things get busier later and instrumentation more complex, adding percussion and moving to almost tribal territory. Things calm down again, get busy and so on till the end, last part adding some voices as well. I find this a pleasant listen every now and then, give it a try if you liked the previous efforts and if you disliked elements like electric guitars there this one might work better for you.

UPDATE: As Running Wild informed me, the tracklisting here is incorrect. Or rather, it's not been divided to the two tracks it consists of. Sometimes the laziness and ignorance of people just pisses me off. Like the Discogs entry for this, you're supposed to own the products you add there so how about reading the covers? Jesus. I assume Grev's friend who sent him the rip had a dub and no covers so at least he has an excuse. I'm reposting this as a new entry with the corrected info.

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GREV kirjoitti...

You're welcome brother Velkaarn!

By the way... today I've complete 4 tapes and couple of mp3 rips to you. So, more is coming and send your wants if you find anything?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


That is excellent news! Well, I'll probably think up something too late, as always.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Another rare share, thx!
Afaik it has two tracks:
01.  Posting on Streams of …  (07:10)
02.  Pan´s Journey to the cosmic Void  (15:27)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Two tracks, really? Useful to know, I must have a look at the rip at some point and separate 'em. This is why I would really prefer to see full cover scans! I think even the Discogs entry has just a single track for this.

Might as well buy a copy if I come across one at a decent price!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Talked to a guy who owns this tape.
01.  Posting on Streams of Anti-Matter  (07:06)
02.  Pan´s Journey to the cosmic Void  (15:26)
Pic see

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, that's helpful! Now I need to fix this as soon as possible.