perjantai 19. syyskuuta 2014

Holocaust - Kampfzeit demo 1999

Holocaust (pol) - Kampfzeit demo IV 1999
1) Northern Might of Iron Legion
2) The Return of the Pagan Warriors
3) Frozen Land
4) The Oak

RGhost / Mediafire

You probably thought I wouldn't post anything this Friday night? Wrong! Here's the last item from Poland's Holocaust I am presently able to deliver, the fourth and final demo which I again got in two versions, thanks to both contributors but I decided to upload the latter one (which for my convenience was already divided into separate tracks). Sadly this was made from a dub so no covers and as in my extremely quick and sloppy inter net sweep I was unable to find any cover images, I decided to slap the Metal Archives pic of the Holocaust fellow up there until someone shows up with proper scans.

So this later stuff is very much more in the pagan black metal camp than the charming early production. Three long (6min+) songs and one short. I'm right now drinking vodka and listening to Bathory so you have to excuse me for not providing an accurate description but I'm pretty sure it picked up from where the previous demo (here) left off and as usual the old stuff was probably better. I think the sound was ok, not as intriguing as the previous demo... well since I'm not obviously going to check what I'm talking about you're better off downloading this yourselves! Recommended for Polish 90's scene maniacs, the odd Holocaust fan and people who enjoy extremely vague descriptions. And vodka.

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kingpossum kirjoitti... sure that isn't Paul Stanley? The very un-BM cocked hip looks a little suspicious.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ugh, now I can't unsee that! However, I'm pretty sure the Metal Archives contributors did upload a correct pic this time.