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Occult - Live Demo 1992

Occult - Live Demo I 1992 ("Black Flame Fest" in Elsoo, Holland 8th August 1992)
1) Intro
2) The Return of the Mystic Demon
3) Thou Art Lord
4) Dwell Forever in Darkness
5) Jaws of Satan
6) Darkness Begins
7) So It Is Done
8) Their Pain Can Begin
9) Jaws of Satan (encore)
10) Thou Art Lord (encore)


Recent end of the millennium era posts have been circling the swollen, putrid corpse of the 20th century like a flock of vultures and I'm getting a little uncomfortable with that. So let us dive into the comfortable embrace of the early 90's once again with this nostalgic live item which is not exactly a contribution nor anything like that, rather I picked it up from sister Borderline's blog and decided to post it eventually here to complete the mini-cycle of the Occult live demos. Or not really since I still have a rehearsal tape (thanks Grev!) to do. So this is not my rip, don't know whose either, I edited it a little by dividing it into individual songs. Thanks anyways to B for fulfilling an old and strangely evasive request of mine! A cover image is included.

If you have heard the second live demo I suppose you know what to expect here; simple and in your face old schoolish black metal played with youthful passion and enthusiasm. It's utterly charming and clumsy, like a duckling waddling towards the pond with an uneven but determined gait. Sephiroth's speeches in between the songs fill me with a warm, nostalgic feeling and make me wonder what would have the guys thought if they had been shown how things were, say, 5 years ago? Or 15? I especially like the part after "Jaws of Satan" where he singles out The Unsane from the crowd. And the intro to "So It Is Done" is also great, you better know that tape bitches! As with the second live demo they play covers of Acheron (tracks 3 and 7 and 10 yet again) and Sathanas (5 and again 9), which I've always found to be very interesting choices. According to PFH#2 interview, their later set included also covers of Slayer ("Raining Blood") and Mayhem ("The Freezing Moon") which I would've liked to hear, too bad they didn't release a third live demo. But if someone happens to have their old live tapes get in touch! Um, where was I... yeah this tape, the sound is comparable to the second one and actually at times even better? I don't really need to write much more, this is really a fun item if you can appreciate it and you probably know already by now if you want it or not! Recommended for people into the old Dutch bm scene.

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Borderline kirjoitti...

Hehe good sister Borderline has some more live Occult for you :D
I won't tell you what it is, I'll just send you a download link on last fm when uploading is done so you can be surprised.
Anyway, IT was very enjoyable for me but I'm very disappointed it's incomplete. Would like to find IT complete very much but I doubt I ever will. Such a good band, also the vocalist is amazing and so interesting to listen to when he speaks between songs.
It seems to me that on this Live audience wasn't so good (and by that I mean Evil), not as on the second Live Tape.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh good! I'll head there then. And I see your live tape and raise with a 1992 rehearsal which I mentioned on the text. I forgot I had already ripped that! :D Not as entertaining as live, though.

Rhun kirjoitti...

This is indeed a charming demo. Sounds like there's only ten or so people in a club watching the band. Lots of memorable one-liners too. I particularly like the anonymous man who shouts out "The Bible tastes worse than shit!" before So It Is Done.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I think he did mention something about the number of people at the recording of both live demos in some interview but can't remember the exact details. Heh, nice thing to yell, though I must wonder if he actually has eaten/tasted one!