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Eclipse - Gefallener Stern promo 1996

Eclipse (ger) - Gefallener Stern promotape 1996
1) Luminis Caeruleis Saltation
2) ...ins leuchtende Nichts
3) Herbstabend / Impressionen
4) Gefallener Stern
5) Epilog


Still more black metal and this is both a contribution and fulfilling an old request. Sister Borderline sent me some items not long ago and this was among the loot, thanks again for the assistance! What we have here is the German band Eclipse (one of the most overused single word band names ever! Why the hell they swapped Sorcerer to this, it wasn't used quite as much?) and their 1996 demo or actually promo tape (if the "ever-reliable" Metal Archives can be trusted to have correct image - seen above - uploaded to this release). Which would also appear to be their only release, unless there actually is a demo called "Gefallener Stern" (this one) and a promotape 1996. If you have further information and full cover scan to provide I'd appreciate you getting in touch.

If you remember, the Sorcerer rehearsal demo was raw, echoy sounding but still quite melodic thing with some synths on the side and moderately high speed. Keeping that in mind, the first track really surprised me on the first listen as it starts with jaded sounding, gothic type vocals and melancholic acoustics - this must be an intro to the track proper? Wind effects follow and the Germanic gothics resume, lasting for the whole duration making this more than just an intro bit. Is this actually the correct tape? Yes it is, the next track kicks off with mechanical sounding percussion and buzzzing guitars. The sound is much fuller than the rehearsal aesthetics of old and there is a certain gothic tone to it but this is melodic black metal, no mistake. Interesting structure here as depending on your thinking, there's really only two "proper" metal tracks here, two and four, while the first gothic atmospheric bit doubles as intro, third one is a piano interlude and the last track "Epilog" is exactly what it says on the tin. Recommended if you like atmospheric, melodic bm with synth bits.

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Link fall :'(

Alfredo Gutiérrez kirjoitti...

Link caido :(

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It has been reuploaded now.