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Solanum - Spectral Poetry demo 1999

Solanum - Spectral Poetry demo II 1999
1) Fortuna
2) Oceanic Abyss
3) This Time...
4) Spectral Poetry

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Hollow Myths

Here's one of my requests just recently fulfilled by a reader, thanks you know who you are, and as I know there are other people who are interested in this I decided to share it soonish. Second demo of Solanum from Deutschland, see here for the first one and some background information. Unfortunately no cover scans, only a small image from Discogs was found. 

Like the first demo, this is ambient. Almost same running time too with all of the four tracks running over six minutes. It starts very similar to the previous one, though whispery vocals are added earlier this time around. Very similar, but the following tracks break the pattern a little each and go further from the core style, third one with it's half sung, half whispered and later half screamed vocals and first bouncy then more aggressive percussion especially. The last track is more electronic and the beat brings EBM stuff to my mind(!). I'm actually having my second listen to this as I write so I'm only getting to know the release myself, but can already say this time around feels better than the first which made me (unsurprisingly) frown at the changes and differences. You know, instead of reading this crap you could and should be listening to this for yourself. Act now!

UPDATE: There is a CD re-release of both Solanum demos available from Hollow Myths, get your copy from the link added up there! 

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Worse than the previous one though still enjoyable