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Dream Upon Tombs - Dream Upon Tombs demo 1997

Dream Upon Tombs - Dream Upon Tombs demo 1997
1) Black Tears Run From Crystal Eyes
2) Tamora, Moonlight Bride
3) On Tombs Borne Timeless Dreams

Mega / RGhost

Another contribution today, this Australian demo that seems quite unknown was sent to me by comrade Profoundemonium already a while ago, thank you for the contribution! Dream Upon Tombs was a two-man project by Jarrod Taylor and someone called David. P included cover scans that come with lyrics and some information.

Three songs of which two are a bit longer and the last, shortest one an instrumental. Musically I suppose this might be called romantic black metal, based on the lyrics and to a degree the rather atmospheric and melodic music. Or it might be better to just go with dark metal. The ye Olde English lyrics of the first song and the more romantic second one's would suggest fantasy themes so I guess some description monstrosity like "dark, romantic fantasy metal" could be fitting? Unfortunately the source tape seems to be a bit worn and crappy as the sound is somewhat unsteady, teetering from side to side in the beginning of the first track. Fortunately it gets better quite soon and isn't the worst example we have faced. Still bothersome. Otherwise a decent demo sound. If the description and flawy rip didn't scare you away, you might find this a quite interesting listen if you're into melodic stuff. The last instrumental song is a keyboard piece and makes me wonder if either of these guys ever had a neo-classical or dungeon synth project?

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Someone should update their logo on metal archives. That website amazes me at times.

Anyway, this was great. I went in expecting something annoyingly melodic, but this band pulled it off really well. I wonder if these guys were in other bands because this seems to be more than just a first effort. Thanks for the upload.

kingpossum kirjoitti...


I had a similar reaction. I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting, but I liked what I heard. It does sound more accomplished than a first timer.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Woah, yes you're right, the tiny strip of an image there is just ludicrous!

Yeah, this is also one of those demos that get better after a few listens and isn't exactly what they first seem to be. You're welcome.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Like I say in the main text, I'd really like to learn they/he had a synth project and then get that demo(s). But that's just my wistful thinking.

Perhaps Profoundemonium might know something further, including the possible other (metal) bands? I'll ask him. Oh by the way, sent an email to the Parade/Astral Underground fellow and asked if he's continued the project. Still waiting for a reply.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

The liner notes name drop Dream Sovereign, Allegiance, Amon Amarth, Deadpool, Stargazer and Sexual Intercorpse.

You more knowledgable folks might be able to piece something together from that.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, I noticed the thanks list too, I've always kind of liked reading them. Back in the paleolithic era before the inter nets those were actually another source to find possibly interesting artists. 'Zines and recommendations from one's peers being obviously other such sources.

Anyways, that's a pretty esoteric list there, the two Swedish bands are more "usual" and familiar (especially AA nowadays) while the other Aussies are not. Apparently Dream Sovereign was a black/death metal band (would've bet power metal by the name! or perhaps proge), Deadpool was some sort of industrial metal, featuring the very profilic Adam Ritchie, best known to at least me from Tzun Tzu and StarGazer is another quirky band, quite well known in certain circles and whose personnel have played in a bazillion other bands. You might like 'em, actually. Sexual Intercorpse does not ring a bell and could be anything from pornogrind to punk to power electronics!

Profoundemonium kirjoitti...

Jarrod (Jak) wrote and played everything on this demo except the drums. He also had another black / death metal project called Burning in Shadows.

He was the vocalist for a death metal band called Jesus Anal Penetration and was involved with a couple of grindcore bands in the late 80s / early 90s called Epilepsy and The Mutilated Children.

He became less musically active after suffering from tendonitis but he has digitalized his old demos so they may be available at some point.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thank you for providing the further background info (which I forgot to ask - good service)!