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Kharadrai - III - Hexapteron demo '99

Kharadrai - III - Hexapteron demo III 1999
1) Aethera Omega
2) Beneath the Core
3) Akhomalon I (Regression)
4) Akhomalon II
5) Akhomalon III

Rusfolder / Mega

Let's chill out for one last time with Kharadrai, this is the third and final demo from '99, contributed by master Sorvali, just like the previous ones. This one was initially missing the covers so he sent me smallish images as placeholder (the one above is one of these) and then later larger images of the special edition. All included in the download. Thanks again for delivering the complete Kharadrai saga!

Musically this demo continues where we left off with the compilation track Akhomalon I and in general where the music started to progress to on the second demo: a mixture of dark ambient, industrial and neo-classical elements. Actually, Kharadrai would've fit pretty well in the Cold Meat Industry roster of the era. I said this continues where A.I left off but that's misleading as that song was much more active in nature than the first two tracks here, especially the longer Beneath the Core. Akhomalon I (Regression) is a very different thing from the compilation track, much more in line with the more... let's say contemplative mood of this demo. Things do pick up towards the end and more so on the second part, while the third one is longest and combines elements from all parts. All the tracks are instrumental this time around and that's just fine and dandy by me. An enjoyable ending chapter for this thing and obviously recommended if you enjoyed the previous tapes.

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Dimmu Eternal DM kirjoitti...

Awesome, thanks a lot! I was waiting for this one, but thanks to your blog I've got some really interesting tapes that I've never seen anywhere before.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I thought this was a pretty good one to boot!