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Sargoth - Mörkrets anlete demo 1995

Sargoth - Mörkrets anlete demo 1995
1) Qaa a Babalon (Intro)
2) Ur vinterns kyla
3) Barn av natt
4) Christian Blood
5) Mörkrets anlete
6) Bial a Ors (Outro)

4shared / Yandex

We haven't had Swedish material for what, two months? Can't have that and to remedy the situation here is the only demo by Sargoth from Sundsvall, dating back to '95. Sargoth was one of those bands that actually managed to do an album (Lay Eden in Ashes, '98,) but still kind of got nowhere and is hardly ever mentioned these days. Not that they would've been so well known back then either, the name popped up in many tape trader lists but I can't remember seeing them much in 'zines, compilations (maybe 1-2 appearances?) or, well, that's pretty much it. Don't know if they played live in their hometown, possibly. Some of the members also were in the even more obscure and very interesting looking band called Impious, not to be mixed with the better known one from Trollhättan. I'd certainly like to hear the two demos released by that band too.

But back to this item, which was sent by brother Grev, ripped by an associate of his and slightly edited by yours truly. Thanks to all involved, except me. Sadly, no full covers, just the front image which I think I picked up from the archives. A nice, if unremarkable, synth intro starts the demo and abruptly changes into the first "proper" track, a very melodic piece of black metal with the quite typical mid-90's Swedish sound. I might even go as far as say it sounds typical for material of the era hailing from Sundsvall. Vocals are echoing, somewhat raspy black metal shrieks, playing competent enough, tempos vary from slow parts to fast bits. The demo sound has a flaws but this might be a product of dubbing/rip to a degree. The title track has a mega annoying flaw on it that does not go on for very long but bothers the hell out of me. Otherwise fine and everything is audible enough, even the bass. It's nothing astonishing, nor super-original but works very well if taken as what it is, twenty years old demo of melodic, Swedish black metal. I sort of like it, sometimes more and other times less, but can't say it'd stay in my head for days. Worth a listen if you have an interest in melodic black metal, Swedish 90's demos or perhaps the Sundsvall scene.

I'd like a better rip or a dub of this and the '95/'96 demos of Impious so if you can help with either, get in touch!

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thank you Grev and our illustrious host. Rather enjoyable to these ears. If by Swedish you mean buzzy, then I guess I follow. Mine ears aren't tuned enough to suss the geographies as you more learned folks here are.

A tidy little package with intro and outro and multiple tempo changes, which I'm always a sucker for. Is the artwork actually purple or is that a scan distortion? Bonus points if it's purple.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're most welcome, I enjoy this one too. A good example of somewhat similar sound might be the (excellent) '94 demo by Setherial. Which is kind of buzzy too, sure!

Unfortunately I can't confirm if the purple haze is brought by distortion or intention as I have only seen that same image online, but I hope it really is that shade!