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Evil - Rehearsal 13/07/96

Evil - Rehearsal 13th July 1996
1) From the Black Horde of Pure Evil
2) A Southern War from the Winter's March
3) Darkest Wolves

RGhost / Mediafire

I wanted to post some black metal and this item is another sending by brother Baldemar, thank you for the rip! Right, another early-ish rehearsal tape from Brazil's Evil, still in their pure black metal phase. See here for the previous one and additional background info. Again, no cover, I just made a placeholder to match with the previous one.

They start again with "From the Black Horde..." which certainly features very prominently in their (early) discography. The tracks here are actually in the same order as they appear on the '96 demo "A Southern War from the Winter's March", missing only the intro and outro. I don't have that demo at hand right now and refuse to go to YouTube so can't compare the sound of the recordings. However, I can compare this to the older rehearsal tape I posted and feel safe to say the sound is better, or easier perhaps, this time around. The instruments are more audible and balanced, the vocals (echo-y black metal howls) sitting among them as another component rather than overpowering everything. I don't really have so much to add here, grab this if you enjoy raw black metal, collect Evil's recordings and so on, it's not bad at all!

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