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Negură Bunget - Promo 1998

Negură Bunget - Promo 1998
1) Intro
2) Dîn afundul adîncului întrupat
3) Sala Molksa - Chanelling Through Art Immortal
4) Șuier de șolomonar
5) Outro

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This weekend is the time for the xtian holiday of Easter which I associate with Kinder chocolate eggs and Eastern Ortohodox church. Which makes me think of Russia, Romania and such places and that finally brings us to today's post, another item from Henu's pile of tapes (thanks for the rip and scan!) and the second release by Negură Bunget who I believe are quite well-known band these days. At least in certain circles, not US Billboard stuff obviously!

This promo tape was released by the (in-)famous Sombre Records back in '98 and I'm pretty sure he screwed up the tracklisting back then, you see the first track titled "intro" there is well over 8 minute song, titled "Vînt dă rău pîn Valea Iadului" on the Sala Molksa EP released later that year on cassette by Bestial Records and on CD about a year later. Actually, all the tracks here appear on the said EP but in slightly different order. So this is pretty redundant if you already have it! I've got the cassette version myself but since I'm too lazy to dig it up and compare I can't say if there's really any difference in the mix or something, I'm 99.98% sure it's the exactly same recording however. I think this sounds a little different than what I remember from listening to my tape but then again it's been quite a while from that. I also seem to remember there was supposed to be some difference (other than artwork) between the '99 CD version and the tape but can't verify that, my extensive research (had a quick look at Metal Archives) revealed naught.

I should probably talk about this release instead of ranting about the EP, some people might not actually have heard it. Ok, this is atmospheric black metal with a peculiar feel to it. On paper not really original yet sounds still somewhat distinct. Less rough and raw than the Zîrnindu-să album or Wiccan Rede demo but not as intricate as the later albums would get. Brings to mind some Polish 90's stuff mixed with some of the more synth-happy Norwegians plus some original touches. Yeah, it's a good tape but like said you don't really need it if you have Sala Molksa unless you're kind of obsessive and then you probably try to dig up a copy of the cassette anyways.

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